Protect Your Mailbox with the MailSwing!

  • Swings 360°...

    • The MailSwing will swing away your mailbox, lessening the impact of thrown snow or vandals.  See it Swing


  • Resets Automatically…

    • Returns to center automatically every time.  Absolutely no resetting!


  • Fully Adjustable…

    • Adjusts easily both horizontally and vertically.  Adjusts from 45" to 55" in length.

    • Mounts on a variety of posts and fits many mailbox sizes. (check your local municipality for requirements)

    • Mail Carriers love the MailSwing as the homeowner can easily adjust the height of the MailSwing to meet the height of the Mail Carrier's vehicle.


  • Installs Easily…

    • Easy to install and works well in all roadside locations. All hardware and instructions are included. Installs with just a few common hand tools.  (See installation videos)

    • Professional installation available in Maine - call for a quote.


  • Options Available…

    • Sold as entire package (MailSwing, galvanized mounting post, and mailbox) or purchase just the MailSwing and mount on your own post with your own mailbox.

    • Two Box Spreaders are available so that you can share your MailSwing with your neighbor.

    • Newspaper Box Bracket attachments will protect your newspaper box as well - mounts beside your mailbox.


  • Eliminates Shoveling…

    • No more shoveling hard packed snow or running to the Post Office for undelivered mail! 

    • The swing away action allows snow plow drivers to plow right up next to the mailbox post and clean the snow from below and in front of the mailbox.   


  • Quality Product...

    • Made in the USA from galvanized steel.  Designed to provide hassle free mail delivery.

  • Built to Last…

    • Time tested for 45 years - MailSwings installed in the 1970’s still swing like new!

Check with your local municipality for any specific mailbox installation instructions they may have.

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