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About Us…

The MailSwing was invented over 50 years ago by a family business, "Guy Gay Equipment". The primary focus of the company was metal fabrication and heavy equipment repair. This included snow plows and snow moving equipment. The business was then handed down from father to son and renamed "MainelyMetals", whose focus is metal fabrication including the MailSwing.


Our family history is the primary reason we can offer such a well-designed product. We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Professional machinist with over 40 years experience.

  • Over 60 cumulative years of plowing snow professionally.

  • Decades of expert metal fabrication and design.

  • Professional mail carrier with the U.S. Postal Service. 

  • Professional road maintenance and repair.


With our practical experiences and our strong Maine work ethic,  we can offer a quality product that works well and lasts a lifetime. Whether it's plowing snow, delivering mail, or designing metal products, our combined knowledge has helped to ensure that the MailSwing will serve our customers for many years.


Our motto is… "Do it Once, Do it Right"!


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