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Frequently Asked Questions…


  • What prevents the mailbox from getting dented or crushed by the snowplow? 

    • If the snowplow is moving at a high rate of speed, it is actually the snow flying off the plow blade that contacts the mailbox. This force causes the arm to swing the mailbox out of the way.


  • Is the MailSwing difficult to install?

    • MainelyMetals’ MailSwing is very simple to install with just a few common hand tools. Easy to follow instructions are included with all orders.  (See installation videos)


  • Will my current mailbox fit on my new MailSwing?

    • Most "Postal Approved" mailboxes have mounting holes along the bottom of each side. The MailSwing comes equipped with adjustable mounting brackets designed to fit these regardless of the mailbox size. Most designer or specialty mailboxes also mount in this fashion. If you are unsure about your particular mailbox, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


  • What is the length of the MailSwing?

    • The MailSwing, swing away mailbox arm,  can be adjusted from 45" to 55". 


  • What is the length of the galvanized post that comes with the MailSwing Package?

    • The galvanized post included with the MailSwing package is 8' in length. Set the post two to three feet in the ground.  We recommend using a 60lb bag of "quickcrete" cement to ensure that the post does not turn. 


  • What type of post do you recommend using?

    • We prefer to use our galvanized steel posts simply because it makes adjusting the height of the mailbox easier. You may need to raise or lower your mailbox when your mail carrier changes vehicles. MainelyMetals’ posts allow you to easily loosen two clamps  (included) which hold the MailSwing to the post and then simply slide the whole assembly up or down. The only tool required is one 1/2 inch wrench. 4" x 4" wooden posts will work just as well; however, it will require drilling a set of holes in the post to set the mounting bolts or screws. (check with your municipality for guidelines).


  • Can I mount a MailSwing to my existing post?

    • Your post needs to be between 45 and 55 inches back from the desired mailbox location in order to give the snowplow driver more room. If your existing post is too close to the road to allow for this, you will need to move your post. 


Have a question that this page failed to answer? Just contact us and we will be happy to answer you.

Check with your local municipality for any specific mailbox installation instructions they may have.

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